Who are we?

LEDsafari is a clean-tech social start-up based in Lausanne, Switzerland that develops innovative digital products to help solar companies and organisations to manage their staff and assets. LEDsafari addresses three types market:

  1. Innovative solar kits for education in schools,
  2. Online digital platform for staff and channel partner (HelioLearn©) and
  3. Low cost & Plug and Play IoT sensor for online monitoring of the solar devices (HelioHealth©).

Our Aim

Empower our future generation to tackle climate change and move towards sustainable energy technologies.

Our Team

Meet our wonderful team who made it possible.

Govinda Upadhyay

Founder, CEO


Naomi Savioz

Co-founder, Admin & Training


Silvia Binet

Online Training developer


Marco Breves

Solar training developer


Benoit Begot

Intern Market Research


Ignacio Monge

Didactic expert


Frédéric de Goumoëns

Intern, Hardware developer



Balaji Nagraj Kumar

Intern, Machine learning



Hesham Nasr

Intern, Market research


Unal Ege Gaznepoglu

Former Intern, Hardware developer


Lars van Ruremonde

Former Intern, Hardware programmer


Jignesh Mehta

Former Education expert


Ananya Gupta

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Ananya Gupta (25 years) did her Bachelors in Biology from Penn State University, USA. She has experience in scientific research as well as business development and project management in the education and health sectors. She is passionate towards working with innovative educational and technology solutions focused on creating sustainable social impact.

Valentin Wepfer

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Valentin Wepfer (47 years) is Deputy Director of GS1 Switzerland and heads the Collaborative Supply Chains. Prior to founding GS1 Switzerland was Valentin K. Wepfer Director of ECR Switzerland. After graduation and the subsequent architectural draftsman, he studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Biel and corporate Cross leadership from Insead Fontainebleau and Singapore.

Elisa Wepfer

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Elisa Wepfer (21 years) is pursuing her bachelor studies in Political Science with a minor in Social and Historical Sciences at University of Lausanne. She is a strong believer in sustainability and applies this in her daily live. She works on the impact of technology on people’s social lives.