Our kit comes together with access to our LEDsafari e-learning platform, where you can follow step-by-step instructions to make your lamp, through high-quality videos and animation.

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Special price for organisations such as schools, universities and NGOs.

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Simple Solar Lamp

You can design any kind of lamp: garden lamp, room lamp, study lamp, torch lamp etc.

Sensor Solar Lamp

Suited for garden lamp: automatic switch-on when sun goes down.

Solar Mobile Phone Charger

Now you can build your own solar phone charger.

Online Platform

Our online platform contains high-quality animated videos with jungle theme, slides and live videos to make sure you understand the concepts thoroughly and in a fun way. It is available in English, French, German and Spanish. If your language is not available contact us.

Through our e-learning classes, you can make your lamps from scratch. We have simplified the complicated theoretical concepts – such as Ohm’s Law, power/energy and measurement units – and made it fun to learn. No prior technical knowledge is required.



Basic Lamp Making Certified Lamp Making Certified Trainer
Content ·Stepwise instructions with animations and graphic to make the lamp
·Design tips
·Time required: 3-5 hours to make your own solar lamp
·Basic lamp making + live videos.
·Functions and specification of the components explained is in awesome way.
·Requirement for certification: Assessment, picture of the lamp made by you.
·Time required: 5-6 hours
·Certified lamp maker
·Ohms law, power and energy, battery charge discharge, short circuit
·Requirement for certification:: Assessment, picture of the lamp made by you
·Time require: 10-15 hours
Why you should take this? ·You have your very own solar lamp made entirely by yourself. ·You have your own solar lamp.
·You know why your lamp is awesome and unique.
·You can also teach others.
·You become a LEDsafari certified trainer.
·You can hold your own training and use our online materials.
·You can organise a complete lamp making project.
·You can start your own business.
Price 15 CHF 30 CHF 60 CHF
Recommended for Individuals Design teachers, geography teachers etc. Physics teachers, NGOs trainers etc.

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You will receive access to the online platform to make your own lamp. The kit consists of a solar panel, li-ion battery, LED, switch, diode, resistor and electric wires.

The lamp making requires a soldering iron, solder, insulation tape and other general tools (e.g. scissors, pliers, cutter), which are not included in the kit.

Each KIT costs 15 CHF/Euro/GBP. Please pay using one of the following methods:
– PAYPAL: paypal@ledsafari.com, please add 1 CHF/Euro/GBP extra as PayPal fees.

Beneficiary name: LEDsafari SA
Beneficiary address: Chemin de Villard 11, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland
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Bank Name: Credit Suisse SA
Bank address Paradeplatz 8, 8070 Zurich, Switzerland

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For shipping to India: please contact info@ledsafari.com or g.upadhyay@ledsafari.com.

Kit: solar panel, li-ion battery, LED, switch, diode, resistor and electric wires.
Online platform: animations, slides
LEDsafari provides tools (soldering iron, solder, insulation tape and other tools) only upon request.