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Our progressive approach blends science, engineering, clean energy and design learning in an interdisciplinary and modern framework. In fact, our modules can easily be integrated in the curriculum and they are designed to break-away from traditional frontal-teaching, by placing students in a problem-oriented and peer learning platform.

The training’s time range usually from 6-30 hours, in which we provide a fun format to attain comprehensive knowledge of renewable energies, electricity theories and practical skills, mapped and integrated to enhance the class curriculum.

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“It was immediately apparent how valuable the training and the pedagogical approaches of the workshop leaders were. Their ability to simplify the content and place it in clear context of sustainability convinced me that there was value enough in their workshops to include it in our IB MYP Design curriculum.”

MarkHead of Design, The International School of Lausanne

“In physics class, it is always difficult to link theory with practical, with the available means. Making a solar lamp in manual work class to put into practice the physics is awesome.”

Physics TeacherSecondary School

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