HelioApp and HelioHealth Sensor

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  • Diagnose faults in real time
  • Reduce field visits: Saves man-hour.
  • Predict the fault.
  • Cloud-based monitoring: available anytime anywhere.
  • Fully integrated with the training platform.
  • Helps to optimise the supply-demand.
  • Reliable: uses GSM/GPRS
  • Easy to implement PAY-AS-YOU-GO system
Why this for you?

HelioHealth Sensor

Our plug and play (IoT) sensors can be implemented to any kind of device (Solar PV, batteries, invertors etc). 

Tracking devices

Track the performance of your solar devices.

Cloud based monitoring
Cloud monitoring

Track your devices anywhere at anytime.

LEDsafari HelioHealth Sensor

Mobile alerts
Mobile alerts

Comes with mobile alerts for any faults or issues in your system.

Data analysis
Data analysis

We use smart algorithms to predict and forecast failures.


Solar organizations (companies, NGOs, government)

Its all about savings!

LEDsafari cloud-based monitoring will make sure that your solar devices are always working.

Increases the run time of your devices.
Quickly run diagnostics for your devices
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