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Online training course to understand basic electronics, solar technology and physics behind the solar circuit. It is full of beautiful and easy-to-understand videos and graphics. It is not a lesson but a story.

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Courses are in English, French and German. Request can be made for other languages also. Please send mail on

Les cours sont en anglais, français et allemand. La demande peut être faite pour d’autres langues aussi. S’il vous plaît envoyer un mail sur

Die Kurse sind in Englisch, Französisch und Deutsch. Anfragen können auch für andere Sprachen gestellt werden. Bitte senden Sie eine e-Mail an

Product Description


Certified lamp maker

Ohms law, power and energy, battery charge discharge, short circuit

Requirement for certification: Assessment, picture of the lamp made by you.

Why you should take this?

  • You will become certified trainer
  • You can hold your own training
  • You can use LEDsafari online materials
  • Organize your own project
  • You can start your won business.


Recommended for

Physics teachers, design teachers, NGOs trainers etc.